High-yield accounts are now live

Earn more with profitability rates of up to 93%

We analyzed our traders’ feedback, and one thing became clear: Profitability is a top priority for most Olymp Traders. With this in mind, we launched high-yield accounts to increase your earnings from successful trades.

With peak profitability boosted to a maximum of 93%, Olymp Trade is now among the top-three platforms with the highest profitability rates.

Here are the new maximums
for different statuses on Olymp Trade:

  • Starter: 82% → 85%

  • Advanced: 85% → 89%

  • Expert: 92% → 93%

How these numbers affect your trading performance

The high-yield accounts give you an opportunity to earn more without increasing your investment amount or risk level. In the long run, this uptick in earnings can compound into significant gains.

While financial gains are important, the advantages of the new accounts extend well beyond them. Some of the side benefits of enhanced profitability include:

  • Faster financial recovery. The more you earn, the easier it will be to offset any losses.
  • Greater flexibility. Increased profit potential means a greater tolerance for risk, so you can experiment with different strategies and approaches more freely.
  • Motivation boost. As your profits grow, so do your confidence and enthusiasm.

How to maximize your profit potential

As your maximum profitability is determined by your status on the platform, upgrading to a higher status will automatically get you an uptick in profits.

You can upgrade using any of these three methods:

  • Join Trader’s Way
    Olymp Trade’s reward system lets you earn experience points (XP) and convert them into a status upgrade.
  • Buy a higher status in the Market
    For an immediate boost, you can purchase a status upgrade from the Market.
  • Buy increased profitability
    Not ready to invest in a full status package? There’s an option to buy increased profitability as a standalone item.

Choose whichever option suits you to make the most of the new profitability rates. Our launch of the high-yield accounts is more than just an update — it’s another way of showing that we care about our traders. We’re stepping up so that you can too. Dive in and explore our innovations. Let’s reach new heights together.