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The best conditions for long-term online stock trading strategies


Why trade stocks?

Blue Chips trading

Trade on Blue Chips and other popular stocks


Zero fee

You pay zero commission to open trades


Only profit commission

You pay commission only when closing profitable trades

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Three easy steps to start stock trading

  • Step 1

    Pick a stock you want to trade on
  • Step 2

    Open a trade at an actual market price
  • Step 3

    Wait for the stock price to grow
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Top 10 most traded stocks

Trade stocks with Olymp Trade


Trade stocks with Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is an online stock trading platform with years of experience and seamless service, making it the perfect gateway to an excellent trading experience. Start on your way to success by investing with a professional online stock trading broker.


Online stock trading with Olymp Trade

As one of the best online trading brokers on the market, you’ll enjoy access to shares, stock market analysis, and a variety of convenient tools to help simplify your share market trading experience.

Advantages of stock trading with Olymp Trade

It’s one thing to invest with an online stock market broker, but it’s another to do so having the peace of mind that your funds are safe and secure. Olymp Trade offers this security on top of all the tools you need to start investing with confidence, both as a beginner or an experienced trader.

Start investing with us today!


Opportunity to trade Blue Chips


Zero commission on opening trades


Commission only on closing profitable trades

Trading made accessible

The user-friendly, instrument-packed Olymp Trade platform is available on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones.

Invest in Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a century-old multinational corporation that has gone through all the crises and keeps grow. Make your funds grow investing in its stock too!


Around-the-clock support

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trader, our support specialists are ready 24/7 to answer any of your questions in your local language.

Check out our blog articles about stock trading

There you will find everything you need in order to learn and improve your trading, from video guides and trading tips to educational articles and analytics.

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Fixed Time Trades

Open trades from $1 in one click. Enjoy defined time frames. Get up to 93% profit!

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Classic trading mode for short-
and long-term trading

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Open quick trades 24/7, improve your trading results, and unlock more trading experience with a new asset!

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Start trading on stocks today



  • Similar to trading on other asset types, trading on the stock market consists of opening and closing trades to profit from stock price fluctuations.
  • To trade on stocks, all you need to do is open and close trades on the platform in any of the three trading modes.
  • To find a growth stock, you need to identify which companies have the most promising demand potential. Doing so is a key part of fundamental analysis.