Cooking Up Change: Olymp Trade’s charity initiative feeds thousands

Olymp Trade has successfully concluded Cooking Up Change, a Ramadan-themed charitable initiative to feed internally displaced people in Yemen and refugees in Lebanon.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, Olymp Trade regularly supports those facing hardship. From March 18 to April 7 this year, we hosted Cooking Up Change.

Throughout this event, participants increased Olymp Trade’s monetary donation through trading. For every trade, we added a specified amount to our charity fund. As a result, our initial $10,000 donation grew to an impressive $44,522.

To turn this money into nourishing meals, we joined forces with Muslim Charity. Established in 1999, this UK-based NGO provides aid to those in need, regardless of race, religion or background. We chose Muslim Charity as a partner because its mission of providing long-term sustainable assistance to vulnerable communities and helping them move towards self-reliance aligns with our own values. Together, we decided to support internally displaced people in Yemen and refugees in Lebanon, considering the acute humanitarian crises in these regions.

Muslim Charity used Olymp Trade’s donation to distribute over 20 tons of food in the form of food packs and daily iftar meals to those suffering from food insecurity. Filled with vital groceries like flour, oil, rice, sugar, and dates, each food pack could support a family of 5 to 6 throughout the holy month. Check out the photos from Muslim Charity to see the difference we made together.

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This is not our first venture into this kind of mission. Last year, we held Every 1 Counts, a similar Ramadan event organized in close partnership with the Misr El Kheir Foundation. In April 2023, the foundation’s volunteers distributed food aid and 1,000 hot meals among 3,116 impoverished households in Egypt.

Cooking Up Change is yet another demonstration of what our community can accomplish together. Looking ahead, there will be many more chances to contribute, and we welcome everyone to join us in these initiatives.